Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

KID PHANTOM #1 - Interview Podcast, and Comic panel sneak peek. IN NEWSAGENTS & COMIC STORES APRIL 27TH, 2017!

Above: The 1 hour KID PHANTOM Q&A podcast with my writer/collaborator Andrew Constant, and I, outlining a bit of our background, our love of the character, and outlining our intent with this upcoming, ongoing All-Ages series.

Below: Chronicle Chamber was also kind enough to get some recent details from the publisher surrounding the release date and some sneak preview images of what to expect from the first book.

Andrew and I had a great time chatting to Dan and Jermayn, and I hope some people's minds have been put at ease regarding where the Frew series intends to go. And if we can't win you over by issue 2 or 3, then we tried.

At any rate, under the pump, gotta keep motoring.

UPDATE: Brief mention of KID PHANTOM (and Cover) in the Latest "Inkspot" Magazine from the Australian Cartoonist Association.):

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Non-spoiler Sneak Peak review of 'Kid Phantom #1' - X-Band Phantom Podcast.

NON-SPOILER Sneak Peak review of 'Kid Phantom #1' by the gents at Chronicles Chamber. Discussion kicks off around the 1hr 22min. mark in relation to the upcoming stories from Frew Publications.
I also appreciated the nod to 'The Soldier Legacy' too.

Looking forward to the series dropping soon.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Quick update spot-Perth Oz Comic-Con

More Coverage of Kid Phantom from the Chronicles Chamber, this time,

and Post-Perth OCC:

Thanks for the kind words and support, gents.

Also wrote this on the Soldier Legacy Facebook page:

"The one very heartening element of Perth Oz Comic-Con last weekend, was the surprising number of readers who were out seeking the next, long-overdue The Soldier Legacy Comic Book issue. Long story short: further Paid-priorty work pending, I will aim to have an issue drop this year.
For a title I grew to have a love/hate relationship with, and a local market with more drive for US character prints, than original books, it was encouraging to know you readers across the other side, are still ever patient and waiting. It took a needed back seat to the Gestalt Comics graphic novel (has been a blast and learning experience with editor Wolfgang Bylsma, and writer/creator Christian Read, with my work almost complete there, with my belief of release news coming in 2017), some short story commissioned work for other great local books, and now with the ongoing and important work on the 'Kid Phantom' series for Frew Publications, the labour of learning that is 'The Soldier Legacy' will march forward in due time (half the next issue is inked, just needs time).
(Working on KP in the world of 'The Phantom' has been fantastic; the team at Frew, the editor Glenn Ford, and with killer scripts by Andrew Constant, has been a pleasure and honour. We plans to be here for a long time, so I hope to have more news soon on the first issue release, and I do hope you're willing to support the book, give it a read, and pass it on to your kids).
Thank you again, Perth- I'm now completely sold out of the re-released volume 1 trade paperback, and circling the drain on Vol 2, which I'll bring a few with me to Adelaide this week, including a some cool Kid Phantom stuff that your process junkies should dig. 
And when all said and done, perhaps one day in my wildest dreams, if licensing and IP aligned, wouldn't it be a treat that a 'Soldier' met a 'Ghost who walks'...?"

Gotta run, packing for Adelaide Oz Comic-Con, and writing next lecture, thumbnailing Phantom pages etc.

No rest! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quick news- Feb/March: Kid Phantom anticipation, OZ Comic-con etc.

Flat out as usual. Signed on contract lecturing (Art Direction) at Uni this year, keeping me frantically busy, plus Phantom, XCT commitment etc. etc. Was very thankful to have two good friends guest lecture in my classes this week; Storyboard Artist Mark Sexton skyped in for Animation Preproduction, and James Brouwer (Art Director and concept artist) shared his work on his series 'The Deep', which started as a Gestalt comics graphic novel with writer Tom Taylor, to the Art Direction students. Thank you gents. :)
Briefly, OZ Comic-Con next week in Perth, then Adelaide; doing 'Kid Phantom' panels in both cities with collaborator Andrew Constant.
Saturday 11am in Perth, and Sunday 11am in Adelaide. Will have some Phantom stuff at the shows.

In the meantime, two nice plugs:“Kid-Phantom”-Series-Leaked-by-Frew

and a podcast mention in episode 56 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast : Somewhere in the ball park of 1hr 21mins.

Thank you gents! I Can't wait for this stuff to leak, I'm buried in Andrew's scripts for part 2 of Issue 2, and issue 3 now. Excited!

Gotta goooooooo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anatomy of a Cover: Kid Phantom #1

Final low res cover mock up, announced by Frew last week (via Facebook)
From go to whoa- The wraparound cover for Kid Phantom #1, due out via Frew Publications in 2017.  This was actually the last thumbnail cover idea, with the other half a dozen being a single front cover design. But then, seeing as though many of Frew's other Phantom comics tend to have the wraparound, I scribbled up this idea, based on event in the first issue. 
The designs were inspired by memories of great covers and wraparound covers from John Romita Jr., such as his "Daredevil: Man without Fear" 90s mini-series/graphic novel with Frank Miller (tiny figures from story element, big background title character taking up the majority of space) and the Wraparound from memory that I also loved, from his 'Wolverine: Enemy of the State' part 1 (#25 of the Marvel Knights series? Can't remember the issue number, but the cover stands out, almost a callback to John Buscema's Wolverine #1 cover, standing on the pile of beaten bad guys) with Mark Millar as writer. Again, large element/title character from story, tiny figures that feature in story. 

For con season, if time permits, I'd like to do a WIP sketchbook, for "scholars review". Maybe. Anyways. Gotta run, Cheers!
Thumbnail: about A5
scribbly pencil roughs

Inked and pencils removed digitally in Photoshop
Colour Flats, and colour holds on various lines: Mainly clouds and smoke.

Some mild rendering

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat out of the bag aka: Why I don't sleep: KID PHANTOM

 Will do a process book for the cons, and chat more about this later (under the pump, might be grading for my 4th degree black Belt in a day or so), so those keen on development of this series and concept sketches can suss out in full glory.

So stoked to be involved with this character, considering he was the one who got me into reading comics when I was in primary school, and influenced the Soldier Legacy greatly. Full circle, if you will. Think of this as 'Untold tales of Spider-man'- Phantom-style :D
And stoked to be working with my good friend, the super talented writer Andrew Constant (Torn, Broken Line, Fly (Gestalt), DC Comics) from issue 2. 81 years of the Phantom, and still going strong, thanks to Frew, and its a thrill to be onboard.

 Huge thanks to Chris Sequeira, Glenn Ford, Henriquez, and for their support: my ever patient partner Amanda, Mum, Dad, my sister, Robyn and Jeff Bacchi, Brad Mengel, Baden Kirgan, Rand and Carissa, Doug and Aly, Stewart and Wendy, Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, And Spark, Paul Cleveland, Peter Moyes, Wolfgang Bylsma, Christian Read, Dean Rankine, Mark Sexton, Tom Taylor and Zoran Illievski.