Monday, January 26, 2009

Concept Thumbnails Session 1

A little bit too bulky but this is one of the first drawings here that has jumped out at me. I want to keep him grounded in some sort of realism, but I don't think the clothes will be black, but certainly dark. The visor I wanted to enhance his vision in the dark- not infra red though, not night vision....I'll think of something. I like the idea of a backpack. The over-the-shoulder bag has been done, and I liked how "Captain America" had his shield straped to his back. He can't just web his stuff to a building like "Spider-man" so this could do. Maybe smaller, just to carry clothes, a digiatl camera for gathering evidence (?), homemade weapons, bandages, cable ties etc.
Something similar to the bottom right may be the final suit. The pillow case masks that I've been scribbling look a bit too ninja-ish. The logo I've almost decided on, will be a fist symbol from the I.T.F taekwon-do logo, as I'll have the hero train in it. Still haven't decided on whether he has any powers or not. Anyways...

Still toying with ideas and costume designs- at the moment just going for a mask/face. I think the fact that I'm talking street level hero or vigilante that the images of a "Daredevil" type of design keeps creeping in. Also, considering Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's first "successful" Superhero ("The Red Raven" apparently didn't sell well) for Timley comics was "Captain America", I wanted to have some kind of touch in his mask. I like the idea of a cheap, inexpensive costume, so the zip up jacket, pants, gloves and runners will probably be the go. Maybe earlier on, the pillow case mask and the t-shirt with the logo on it will be the way to go. I'll keep playing, this stuff was only my preliminary thoughts and doodles.

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