Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update on "The Soldier Legacy" series.reads: I'm doing it :)

Work on issue 2 is slowly commencing as part of my Doctorate. I have written a draft script breakdown, which at this stage will be a part 1 story of a 3-4 issue story arc.
More info to come.

I was motivated by the positive response the comic received at its Brisbane Supanova release, (with several fans coming by the next day saying "Hey, I finished it. When's the next one?"), so I'm here to assure you "yes" the next one is about to commence with new supporting characters and more action featuring "The Soldier" in New Guinea 1943 and the "Young Soldier" (I should really come up with a name) in the dark surburbs 2010 , thanks for the support. I was also really touched that actual soldiers got a kick out of the idea, and picked up copies. One guy picked up one for his brother serving overseas, so to them I thank them and hope they enjoy the story.

I have also refined the original Issue 1 script to adapt it to a short animated film. Several drafts have been written and storyboarding based on issue 1 will commence soon. More info to come as I get the work done :). The script will be slightly different to how "The Soldier's" origin story plays out in the book, and so far, a little less "wordy". Unfortunatley when you are dealing with dialogue in a film, you are now dealing with the elemnt of time. A person can read a page of a comic book all day, there may be one piece of action going on in that panel, but it could be accompanied with a paragraph of inner monologue to "slow down" what is occuring in the 'physical' story to focus on perhaps the character's motivations, fears etc. In film, that action could take a second; the dialogue really has to move on. I'll work it out, and hopefully get some feedback on it too.

Gotta run :)

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