Monday, February 14, 2011

Soldier Legacy #2 Is in Store NOW!!

Just a quick update, happy to say "The Soldier Legacy # 2" is now available at Brisbane's 'Comics Etc'. More info to come, but definatley want to say that the book will also be available at Sydney Armageddon Expo (26th-28th Feb 2011), Brisbane Supanova (1st-3rd April 2011) and Melbourne Supanova (9th-10th)!

More details soon, brain is fried from typing up the finishing touches on my confirmation paper for my DVA research :Z

Oh, if you get a chance, head to and click on my Superhero submission 'Unite', and help me by voting for my Superhero character for the Stan Lee Foundation competition...I'm getting hammered in the votes :( Oh well, perhaps the character 'Unite' will make it into a future comic book project. Stay tuned

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