Thursday, August 11, 2011

And now for something completely different...

The above link is the Blog for Second Shore, who did a series of interviews for their publication 'Word Balloon', featuring prominent Australian publishers talking about the "industry", including excepts from my publisher, Baden Kirgan of Black House comics. This interview was conducted at the beginning of this year, about a month before I was kindly allowed to sit on the Black House table at Sydney Armageddon after doing the Dr. Nikola pinup in the 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes" Xmas issue. In that I can say his quote for backing artists is true, as the guys at the booth had fantastic books in a variety of genres and I count myself lucky to be now one of them with my Aussie action/superhero/war/adventure -ish type series :P

Discovered this interview ironically not through Baden, but through the fantastic 'Comics Down Under' blog, written by Kevin Patrick, who is currently studying a Phd at Monash University, Vic. The original 'tip off' and links to other Australian comic history gems can be found here:

Well, it's 2am, I have the 'day job' in the morning, and still have research and colouring to do (the fun never stops ;p).

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