Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Soldier Legacy on National TV, thanks Youi!

A bit of a personal message today, but since I had a bit of a win against the universe today, I hope you will grant me a reprieve :)

Below are links to the 2 national TV commercial by the clever people at Filmsmiths Australia for the purpose of advertising for YOUI insurance. These are significant to me as they quite prominently feature my creator-owned comic book series 'The Soldier Legacy', published by Black House comics. These were uploaded thanks to who I only assume is the Director Bryan Cawood (nice work :D). I hope you come across them also on Channel 7!

I'm sure Baden at Black House comics will shortly spill the beans, or let cats out of bags, or feed cats beans (getting off track) regarding the good people who made this commercial possible. It is something that one of my best mates, mentor and pro writer Chris Sequeira has dubbed " part of Aussie comics History" for the book and for Black House Comics. I am humble in this regard; I'm just full of hope. I hope at least some of the general public notice it, I hope some of the Aussie comic community notice it. If it means more good things for Black House and my work in the future, and someone can now point to a superhero/comic character and say 'Hey I know that. That's Australian", then I'd be very stoked.

As I've indicated, I was blown away by the release of the Youi Insurance TV commercials featuring my comic book character. As I think I've said before, 12 months ago I didn't think anything close to this would be possible. As you know, it began as a university honours project at the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University (Southbank) and was a short run self-published comic book which basically grew from my love of Lee and Kirby comics, and my love of Australia, and the potential we have for our own voices and stories in superhero/action comics. Sure, the news today for me is a little bitter-sweet, as I have some personal stuff taking up some head space and total excitement at the moment (doesn't it always folks), but to see this, AND have Soldier Legacy #3 a mere few hours away from total completion, makes the lack of sleep and sunshine not so crushing.

So early night tonight for me is the plan (did I just jinx myself?) and a massive day tomorrow catching bad guys :P Maybe a long overdue gym session in the morning is on the cards, to celebrate :D (...If I can get up that early ;P)

I want to thank my family, friends, the fans of the books, and the professionals that have given me the time of day, in helping me to get to this step so far in reaching my goals.

And I know I can be hard to reach, I actually related to a Pro Artist's comments the other day who was asked "Wow! it must be cool to drawing for a living", to which he replied with something like "Yeah, except it's usually 3am and your friends and family hate you ;p"

More to come on this. I also want to mention (Cool) Shite on the Tube and Comics Masterclass (hosted by the Australian Society of Authors) for posting the links on their Facebook pages. Thanks heaps!

Gotta run, these pages unfortunately won't print-prep themselves ;P

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