Monday, June 25, 2012

Soldier Legacy Comic Review by The Momus Report

Todd McFarlane reviews my work waaaaay back in 2009
(Yes, I was strapped for images, just roll with it, ok?)

The Momus Report writer Emmet O'Cuana has been reviewing a selection of Australian comic book and graphic novel titles that he acquired at the recent Supanova pop culture convention in Sydney, and has written a review on 'The Soldier Legacy' comic book !

Click the link to see the lot, but here's an excerpt:
"By this method Mason has not only composed a sincere love letter to the war comics of Jack Kirby (who is affectionately name-checked in the origin of The Soldier), but describes how the values of the war-time generation remain valid today. An additional layer of significance can be found in Mason's individual art style also evoking the improvisations of Kirby - there are many legacies contained within these pages. "

When I spoke to him at the convention, where he mentioned he was to review Aussie books, I made sure to point out that apart from a fantastic creator-perspective review I got from good friend and comic book artist Paul Abstruse from a whim of his, I had never bothered to chase down or ask for reviews of my comics. I was nervous about the fact that if you ask someone to review a work, and give them a free copy, there's that element of doubt in my mind that they simply might say general, nice things because they feel "obligated" to do so. I wouldn't mind if they ripped it apart either, but do it with reason and knowledge behind it, yeah?

Plus I have seen a couple of review sites that just give blanket, across the board scores to everything, or just gush with no reason or insight into why they like a particular work. Settle down, mate :P

So to have Emmet pick up the books at the con, and give me an honest, thoughtful opinion, means a lot.

Thank you my friend, I am very touched.

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