Thursday, November 22, 2012

Commissions, orders and post-con updates

Just a quick update to folks waiting on orders, email answers etc., these will be sorted shortly.
I'll be hitting the post office early/mid next week, so those books/commissions will be on the way.
To answer some of the other questions; yes, once I get through the rest of the post-con commissions, Soldier  Legacy #6 will begin, along with a long -overdue finishing of a Chris Sequeira concept thingy, which could possibly see a new comic property to toy with in 2013. Folks with the 2012 folio book, and who actually give a damn about anything I post in general ;D,  will see the beginnings on this thing. More as we go.

For now, it's overdue thesis work (cry), tidying my war-zone of a house, and trudging through the rest of these scribblings to do. I hope you guys like them as much as I enjoy getting the requests. It's very nice, considering there's many capable people out there, more with an over-inflated sense of their work too :P
Enjoy the dodgy scans, and thanks all :)

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