Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reference bounty: a selection of Authentic WW2 Soldier gear.

Recently, I was attending some security training and discovered that the instructor was a avid Australian military history buff. The class wrapped up and we ended up spending a great deal of time going through his private collection of Australian military memorabilia. I kick myself I didn't have a proper camera with me that night, but the collection was immense- everything from uniforms, pay checks, pocket books, compasses, kitchen utensils- you name it: anything and everything a soldier would have carried, used or come across in WW1, WW2, Vietnam etc. this gentleman had it. Very thankful for the time he spent with me. Here's a selection of the more interesting finds (or the photos that turned out ok- the Bully Beef can photos were too blurry), which relate to the 'Soldier Legacy' and 'Strange Tales' comic series in particular- some you've read, and some in the works ;)

WW1 canteen. 
WW1 ammo pouches
WW1 Spurs and things
Circa WW1
From WW2 New Guinea Campaign: Pidgin English book

I was excited to see this, and annoyed I didn't have one when trying to dialogue the natives :P

WW2 multi-tool
WW2 dressings
Authentic Pacific theatre commando field map, made of satin I think- so it doesn't rot in the mud/wet of the jungle. Said to be virtually useless to the ground troops anyway.
Commando boots
Infantry boots
The cook's equipment

The brand you can trust. On almost all the gear the Aussies carried.
Authentic Soldier's wallet
Fighting knife.
Filed Dressing
WW2 Pack equipment, including gas mask we didn't need. the only Soldiers who suffered from Gas attacks were those who were purposely gassed in training exercises in Australia. Horrible.
More of the Soldier's pack, including ammo belts.

Part of the Soldier's uniform; look familiar, right? ;)
This was also an interesting find: Everything a Soldier needs to know- including Army protocol, Japanese phrases,  map symbols, ranks for Army, Navy and Air Force etc. And, what equipment you're issued throughout the war.
Authentic Australian-issued Lee- Enfield rifle.


More from the Soldier's pocket book

Equipment card

How to clean your rifle: the tools are kept in the Rifle butt.
WW2 pouches- pity more of the webbing and equipment photos didn't turn out too good. But you get the idea. 
Here's another familiar "tool"- the Soldier's machete. 
Mail from the era.
Thanks, Diggers!

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I only wish we had more time and that we had caught up earlier so that my collection could have been more of a help to you mate