Monday, September 30, 2013

A row of Soldiers.

Photo courtesy of Kaboom Comics, Toowoomba.
Proud stockists of Australian-made titles, Kaboom comics posted their current wall of comics, which kindly features and entire row (2nd from top) of my blood and sweat to date, in the papery form of 'The Soldier Legacy'. For their sake, I hope people buy it to alleviate the space for them. I'm a fan of comics being in reader's hands (if they choose it to be; and thank you by the way if you have), not gathering dust for the retailer. Cheers, Kaboom! Much appreciated.

I'm hoping to add to the titles seen here soon, but with the Human Fly commitments mid year, plus the Australian TKD team (recent UK commitments and new tenure as sparring coach for 2014), overseas and interstate work/commitment-heavy travel, my university lecturing commitments, my Doctoral Thesis due ASAP, other the creator-owned title in concept phase for that US thing we landed in SDCC, my commitment to Graphic at the Opera House, and the day job to keep the debt collectors away, I'm planning to take my time with the current Soldier output, before it all kills me, and I fail to reach any level of standard or quality just to reach an unrealistic deadline that doesn't have to exist.

I gotta go, I hope you are all fighting on with whatever makes you happy. Or, failing that, whatever you have to do to keep moving forward.
Cheers, Soldiers.

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