Friday, November 1, 2013

Ok, not comic book related: A Call to Arms: Squad training for 2014 Korea begins this Month!

Taekwon-do friends: Train hard, smart and aim to be competing for your country. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and perhaps the new breed of overseas fighters, breakers and proponents of the General's Art, down on my old "Base of Operation", the Central Coast NSW for a great weekend towards the end of November with Senior Master Jamie Moore, Head Coach Sabum Gary King (5th Degree), and some other experienced International Competitors who I believe might be making an appearance ;)

If you're keen to shoot for Korea next year (on an island no doubt...'Enter The Dragon', anyone?), I can assure you the other countries are squad training every weekend already. Hell, I hit the gym the day after the UK Worlds. Don't let our vast geography be a factor in your prep, and come have some fun with your TKD family ;D

I believe even if you're still "on the fence" towards making it over, join in and expand yourself physically and mentally. Gradings, Self Defense, fitness, self improvement...all these benefit from the specialist training, knowledge sharing, notion of competition, and learning from others outside your dojang/comfort zone. Be a sponge for knowledge, have a will of iron, and fists and feet of fury ;)


Boosabum Paul Mason
Australian Competitor, Assistant/Sparring Coach, "Death Bringer" ;P

Worldwide Taekwon-do/Authentic Taekwon-do

Squad Training for Korea 2014

Senior Master Jamie Moore & Sabum Gary King are holding Squad Training in NSW at the WOY WOY Dojang weekend 30th November-1st December 2013.

Please contact Sabum Gary King on Mobile 0405134631

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