Monday, February 17, 2014

More 'Human Fly' stuff: Esquire Magazine UK, and Review shout out.

Esquire Magazine UK has just published an awesome article on the sotry of the Human Fly. Read it here:
It mentions the upcoming movie plans, the Marvel Comic days of the character, 'The New Adventures of the Human Fly #1' that I was a part of last year, and speaks to Scriptwriter Tony Babinski, the writer of said story I scribbled. He really captured elements the article brings up about the slightly unhinged Human Fly. Here's a squiz at page 4 of our story from the book:

Speaking of which, buddy and instigator of my 'Human Fly' connection, Chris Sequeira, found and sent me this the other day. It kindly gives me a shout out and pastes up a pic of mine from the book too. Very stocked and surprised. Thank you :D:

Watch this space, I hope to have some more news on this cray cray stunt man.

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