Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ABC News national coverage of ACAF

A great weekend at the inaugural Australian Comic Arts Festival. A pleasure to hang out with good mates, catch up with old ones, and meet some awesome new ones. Many, many thanks to Cath Brinkley, and Wolfgang Bylsma and Bruce Mutard for the event- am so looking forward to next year.

Cheers too for the lovely ABC reporter and camera men who spearheaded this coverage. ABC iView cleared the news program already (which in all reports went nation-wide on Sunday and Monday on ABC), and the follow up article. Humbled to see 'the Soldier Legacy' book strike a cord. Also discussed were mates Mark Sexton, and Ryan Lindsay, along with quotes from my partner, and panel presenter Amanda:

Also a big thanks to Mal at Impact Comics in Canberra Civic. A sponsor of the event, he is also stocking trade paperback volume 1 and 2. An awesome shop, I managed to score some Wil Eisner material. Very pleased :D

Gotta run, but also want to send a quick thank you to the meet up crew at Brisbane Square Library for holding the fort while Amanda and I were away at the event. See you next month. Cheers!
Oh, you can read Amanda's far more comprehensive account of the event here:

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