Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat out of the bag aka: Why I don't sleep: KID PHANTOM

 Will do a process book for the cons, and chat more about this later (under the pump, might be grading for my 4th degree black Belt in a day or so), so those keen on development of this series and concept sketches can suss out in full glory.

So stoked to be involved with this character, considering he was the one who got me into reading comics when I was in primary school, and influenced the Soldier Legacy greatly. Full circle, if you will. Think of this as 'Untold tales of Spider-man'- Phantom-style :D
And stoked to be working with my good friend, the super talented writer Andrew Constant (Torn, Broken Line, Fly (Gestalt), DC Comics) from issue 2. 81 years of the Phantom, and still going strong, thanks to Frew, and its a thrill to be onboard.

 Huge thanks to Chris Sequeira, Glenn Ford, Henriquez, and for their support: my ever patient partner Amanda, Mum, Dad, my sister, Robyn and Jeff Bacchi, Brad Mengel, Baden Kirgan, Rand and Carissa, Doug and Aly, Stewart and Wendy, Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, And Spark, Paul Cleveland, Peter Moyes, Wolfgang Bylsma, Christian Read, Dean Rankine, Mark Sexton, Tom Taylor and Zoran Illievski.

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