Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quick news- Feb/March: Kid Phantom anticipation, OZ Comic-con etc.

Flat out as usual. Signed on contract lecturing (Art Direction) at Uni this year, keeping me frantically busy, plus Phantom, XCT commitment etc. etc. Was very thankful to have two good friends guest lecture in my classes this week; Storyboard Artist Mark Sexton skyped in for Animation Preproduction, and James Brouwer (Art Director and concept artist) shared his work on his series 'The Deep', which started as a Gestalt comics graphic novel with writer Tom Taylor, to the Art Direction students. Thank you gents. :)
Briefly, OZ Comic-Con next week in Perth, then Adelaide; doing 'Kid Phantom' panels in both cities with collaborator Andrew Constant.
Saturday 11am in Perth, and Sunday 11am in Adelaide. Will have some Phantom stuff at the shows.

In the meantime, two nice plugs:“Kid-Phantom”-Series-Leaked-by-Frew

and a podcast mention in episode 56 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast : Somewhere in the ball park of 1hr 21mins.

Thank you gents! I Can't wait for this stuff to leak, I'm buried in Andrew's scripts for part 2 of Issue 2, and issue 3 now. Excited!

Gotta goooooooo.

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