Monday, March 16, 2009

Images from Brainstorming-Animation look

I really like the character designs and visuals for this new show. This and "Spectacular Spider-man" is getting me up early on Saturdays to watch them.

"Batman: The Brave and The bold" is a very lighter silver age style show than my other favourties "Batman: TAS" and the Justice League stuff.

I havent read anything on the behind the scenes stuff, but I'm banking there's a Kirby influence in the superhero action, especially last week's episode which had both Kirby influenced "green Arrow" (pre-Neal Adams look) and the Kirby created 'The Demon". Even though I'm much more the Marvel fan than DC, I've read a bunch of the silver age superman stories and I have an Appreciation of the lighter and more action/scifi adventures Batman and his super team up of the week have.

Though I havent seen any episodes of the latest animated incarnation of the X-men in "Wolverine and the X-men", I found these screen shots from "Marvel Animation age" website and like the cartoon/realistic mix in the character design and the simple colour/shade rendering. A more realistic character design to the "Hulk vs Wolverine" version of Wolverine which I'm a fan of.

The other thing I'm liking with both Marvel animations is the backgrounds. Obviously I can't tell too much from the tv series 'cause I haven't seen it but, "Hulk vs" had some great backgrounds, with which I have to consider how I plan on achieving mine. Story one features a New Guinea Jungle setting (references to be posted) which would be difficult to render in 3-d. Photoshop?

And I just wanted to throw in this cover from Jack Kirby. Found on which is a website I just discovered which is dedicated to the King himself.

Will Eisner dedicates a chapter in his book "Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narratives" to Kirby as an example of power- check the foreshortening- I love it!

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