Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Page one done and a massive blow to self esteem

Well, just briefly:
Finished page 1 for marvel submission, giving me 5 page story. Then I sent it thru to marvel only to discover they no longer take open submissions. Crushed.
So I'm lost as to how I attempt to get into the comic industry while in Australia.
Anyways, I've almost finished my second script. Both stroies will link and so far are at the four page mark. I'm writing them as animations first with the aim to animating them as moving comics with animated shots where needed, and a graphic novel with the intention to either put online or promote?
Bottom line is that I want a whole bunch of stuff to be able to market myself or have a fuller demo reel/examples of work that I can be confident with. At the moment I don't feel like I have that much animated stuff outside of the CFCA stuff and final film .
Career wise: I like pre-production, storyboarding. Possible internship applications: I should try brisbane games industry or anything on Gold Coast? No comic book industry in Australia, apart from CFCA and Phosperesent (sic) so I don't know what to do as yet.
More later.

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