Friday, July 10, 2009

Progress- Page colouring

ok, quick update.
Penciling for story 2 has paused the last few days while I try and work through two more major projects that have cropped up (stressed as all hell at the moment), but I have managed to colour a few pages between shifts at work.

Colouring (if you've read the experimental project posts) is not my strong point, but they are turning out ok considering I chose to bypass the inking stage. I felt that I would just ruin the look of the pencils if I screwed it up, plus to have to colour and letter this first story and then do it again to the second story I havent pencilled yet, plus my thesis, plus the other two projects, I wouldnt get any of it out... plus the pencils and colour make it look rough and dirty like the environment. (and the inking of the later pages including the soldier fight in the jungle would be a pain to have to ink- especially when I'm not confortable with it.)
Anyways, enough talk. gotta run

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