Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 pages to go...

Ok, Three pages of colouring to go before I finish story 1 (Hooray!) . Still have 7 page epilogue to draw (and then colour and letter)....but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it is just a pin prick of light...

Had some really encouraging feedback from John Higgins this week who gave a great lecture on his artwork at QCA this week. To get a few minutes of face time with him and Sally Hurst (Principal Designer at their studio) was fantastic and very encouraging regarding the work.

I was pleased when he pointed at a few of the poses throughout the comic and said that he liked those, particularly because it was comic poses that Todd McFarlane was explaining to me to push a little further. Chewy made me think just a little more about the relation of panels amongst each other and being concious of the lines in one not mixing with the line of the next. Also, I've tried to be very sparing in regards to breaking borders, only when to emphasise a certain action or point in the story. Woops, I'm waffling again.

Anyways, a couple of pages here, gotta get back to it. Still have the 13 page pencil/ink job for CFCA and the animated teaser trailer for the soldier legacy book. oh, and the thesis...oh, and the Business plan...and hopefully sleep :P

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