Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brisbane Supanova recap 2: Marvel Cosplay!

Now I'm not one to dress up, but I love seeing what others have achieved in cosplay. Case in point: Fans of my artwork and 'Soldier Legacy' comic series (and now friends) decked themselves out ala one of my all-time favourites: Spider-man! Oh, and Dave (My very first and No.1 fan, and an all-round top bloke) decked out as an awesome Ghost Rider. Shame he wouldn't let me set his head on fire. Even a little bit... Plus some friends drop by, and some other coll outfits. Enjoy :)

BTW: This is going on the top of my future wedding cake ;P

Yes, I know Rorsharch, Posion Ivy and that creepy guy with the Machete AREN'T Marvel...they're either friends, fans or they look cool. Or I'm kicking them. No letters please :P

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