Monday, April 11, 2011

Me with 'The Soldier Legacy' at Melbourne Supanova 2011

It was great meeting and talking to fans about the series, whether they are a comic reader or Ex/Current service armed forces member. Thank you for supporting a local comic :D Also thank you to those who liked the 'Tides of Hope' page I contributed, the feedback was very nice, and I has happy to sign copies, and talk briefly about it to those that came along to Chris Sequeira's talk on Friday night. Met some great people and I hope you keep looking back for updates. If you're new to the series, scroll down to the 'Newcomer' post or copy and paste the link in the blog heading to get a quick insight into what the series is about and where I'm coming from.

Gotta run, snowed under, talk later :D
Oh, did I mention Richard Norton liked the comic?! He has both issues and was nice enough to ask me to sign them :D Very cool. From one Aussie Action hero to another (Not me, the Soldier :D)
Me and Captain Boomerang :)

Me and Aussie Comic great Stewart McKenny

Me with Uncanny X-Men writer/Creator Chris Claremont and Spawn/Haunt/Creech artist and great guy Greg Capullo.

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