Monday, May 9, 2011

The Incredible Koala in Solider Legacy # 2

Here is the Pin up for my Jack Kirby-inspired Hulk parody "The Incredible Koala" which featured in an ad for Brisbane's Comics etc. ( in issue 2 of "The Soldier Legacy". Got a big Kick out of drawing this character again after doing the animated version for the Sydney Opera house's GRAPHIC Animatic Competition last year. Thinking once the first Soldier story arc is over, I would love to do a back up feature with the 'origin' of this little guy in comic form. I've gotten as far as thumb nailed the first few pages, but that was it. One day... *shrug. Keen eyes (or those that care) might notice that the 'Mason' logo featuring on the front of Soldier Legacy #2 has the Koala head ala the MGM lion. Yeah, no point really. That's all :P

Anyways, gotta run. If you want to see all that nonsense from last year, you can go here : and I should get around to uploading the 2 part animation I did for it soon. (and maybe complete part 3).


Bobby.N said...

Larry Boxshall from the NonCanonical podcast would love this character... ha... good stuff mate. - B.

Paul Mason said...

Ha! Thanks mate. Geez, you did some archive trawling to find this post, didn't you?! I forgot it was here!