Monday, May 9, 2011

Section from Confirmation: Application of research

Below you will find a snippet of the examples I gave in my Doctorate confirmation presentation of the application of basic panel layout through researched artist's works. The first example is from 'Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos", penciled by Jack Kirby and inks by Dick Ayers.

The irony is that in my example of the panel layout (from 'The Soldier Legacy #2') was not intentional, but I came across the page and realized that through reading piles of 60's reprints I naturally gravitated towards these layouts in my attempts at storytelling. Basically, those larger panels are great for establishing shots.

Same goes for this example from the original 'X-men' series penciled by Jack Kirby and inks from Chic Stone. The larger panel establishes the scene, and the proceeding smaller panels delve into closer aspects within the scene.

Well, that's enough out of me tonight. Very tired from work. I actually had my Doctorate confirmation yesterday, extremely nerve-wracking, but was very grateful of the help my supervisor Andi Spark gave me before and after, and for the support and feedback from my other supervisor Paul Cleveland. External examiner Daren White was a nice surprise, (writer of "The Playwright", illustrated by Eddie Campbell, writer on such works as 'Batman', Legends of the Dark Knight', Jason Paulos's 'EEEK!' and a ton of other books I will be getting my hands on one day.) it was great meeting him and his feedback and support was very uplifting for this battlin' aspiring penciler . Overall, it was very positive and apparently it went over well despite the fact I was basically talking comics the fine artists for nearly an hour. Sorry all ;P

Anyways, it has reinforced in my mind that if I can't crack the industry, I would love to lecture at a university level. Time and fate will tell.

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