Monday, June 6, 2011

Soldier Legacy at Sydney Supanova 2011!

Just a quick note, I am lucky enough to be going to 2011 Sydney Supanova Pop culture convention from July 17-19!
I will be part of Black House comics, where the Soldier Legacy will be published under their label. Very excited, as I have also gained to opportunity to work with my great friend and gentleman, Chris Sequeira ( on a little back up story in the next issue of 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes', also
by Black House. Awesome stuff, but really busy at the moment, hence the lack of blogging. Will update soon.
The Back Up story will feature Pulp Villain 'Dr Nikola' who I was fortunate enough to be asked to illustrate for this pin up in 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes' #6 (Dec 2010). Nikola is a character created by Australian pulp writer Guy Boothby, with illustrations by Stanley L Wood in his series of books published over 100 years ago (roughly ;P). Chris expertly weaved him into the Holmes continuity (with illustrations by the great man Phil Cornell) and I am looking forward to seeing our story (which I was fortunate enough to co-plot) in print in #7. Pick up the book and look out for a cool 'Easter Egg'...

P.s.: Soldier Legacy# 3 is half a page away from being finished and ready to scan for colouring. At this stage I'm predicting #3 will launch in Melbourne Armageddon in October and Brisbane Supanova November!

Gotta run! Will have pencils up soon, I promise :D

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