Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colour Sneak Peek of the Kirby tribute page from #3

A couple of months ago, I showed the pencil version of this page, and felt considering the TV Ad news, I was compelled to show the coloured version. Composition-wise, it's my tribute to all those wonderful Jack Kirby war comics, and panels that feature the soldier/citizen in the foreground, normally yelling orders to an (off page) army, with the great Kirby Mechanical menace plowing through the background. The horizontal full page spread is a convention I've noticed in some of John Romita Jr's work, and really liked the idea of utilizing the page in this regard to convey part of the story that needs that orientation. The image will be published in next month's 'Soldier Legacy #3', published by Black House comics.

I've been trying to find the right page to show an example, but Google let me down :P I believe a good example was in this issue of Sgt. Fury, plus bits and pieces from 'The Losers' below. Kirby fans know what I'm talking about ;) Anyways, back to the grindstone :D Thanks guys.

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