Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dr Nikola vs The Soldier Legacy- Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #8

Amongst the frantic madness of getting the TPB done, and the latest issue by next week, I also have to draw, colour, and most likely letter part 2 of the 3 part back up feature in the next "Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes" issue 8. Sweating bullets at present, I hope the work stands up, my major focus is just getting in in on time. So here's a snippet of the first page unlettered (leaked...shh....don't tell), which recaps where we left off, and straight into the action of the upcoming story.

This is a pencil to colour comparison for top panel page 4. Still need work in my opinion- as does the overall page, anyway. Deadline driven colouring is a bit of a bitch for me, who naturally has difficulty trusting my own coloruing methodology! :P

Here's another from page 1:

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