Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brisbane Supanova guest for November 2012: Paul Mason

Paul Mason Artis on The Soldier Legacy

Hey Soldiers,
Just some info updates this week, taken from the Soldier Legacy facebook page:

I'm Happy to announce I'll be an official guest at the upcoming Brisbane Supanova Pop Culture Expo, alongside some fantastic writers and artists, including Tom Taylor, Tristan Jones, James Brouwer, David Yardin and Jeffrey Cruz, to name a few :

Will be sketching, and have new prints, and the new release of Soldier Legacy #5. Pre-con Commissions list for this has had a couple on there as far back as August (thank you for that!), so if you have something planned, feel free to DM.

See you up here (;D), November 9th-11th at the RNA showground, Brisbane.


I can't tell you how thankful I am to be invited to be a guest at the event. Being a guest at Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanovas this year was an absolute joy, and I look forward to another event in my home state of Queensland. Also this year( June), I was on the Black House Comics table at Sydney Supanova, and had a great time talking to fans, friends and fellow stablemates.  Basically, conventions like the Supanova events are the lifeblood of the local scene, as it allows connection to both traditional comic fans, and first timers curious as to what you're doing with the medium. I am very much looking forward to Brisbane, especially since this little comic venture started out as a self-published book under a small press indie label in Brisbane, April 2010. Without the support of friends at the time, the local fans in my scribbling back in 09 and 10, and for the Supanova event (the only pop culture convention organisation to have regular events in the Sunshine state), the concept would be nowhere.

So, thank you Brisbane, and I'll see you in November, with a plan to have a Brisbane-exclusive print available. Info soon.

Also this week:
Thomas Tung, an Australian Web comic workhorse from Melbourne, has featured some other Australian-created comic characters in LEGO form in an upcoming "The Cosplayer" web comic strip at X-Script Fiction. The one on the right looks familiar...

Ha! If only... Thank you Thomas, nice work :D

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