Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random image: 'The Human Fly'

Pencil previews from 'Soldier Legacy #5' soon. In the meantime, here's a random sketch and colour splash of a cool character, "because he's real": The Human Fly. Get on google, kids ;D


Andrew Tribe said...

I remember as a kid, my mate had two Human Fly comics. I do remember him having a white cape however. I really enjoyed your pic and the memories it brought back.

Paul Mason said...

Hey! Thank you for the kind words, Andrew :D You're totally right, he did often wear a cape (and carry a baton)- I opted for the non-cape look that Frank Robbins often drew, either on the covers themselves or in 'HF''s interior adventures :D

I have a close mate who remembers those books from his youth too, especially because of the tagline, which I love: "The wildest Super-hero ever -- because he's real!"

Thanks again :D!