Monday, October 29, 2012

Brisbane Supanova November 2012 Floor Plan and Panel Announcement!

Listen up, Soldiers!  Brisbane Supanova Floor plan is now available online at
New buildings while the RNA gets a revamp, so better familiarize yourself via the link.

If you're interested, you'll find 'Soldier Legacy' comic books, pinups, and I'll be sketching all weekend at table 'F' (highlighted in Pink) opposite Kings Comics in the Comic Creators section (Click the images to enlarge here.)

Oh, and to my surprise, and thank you to the fantastic Supanova organisers, I'm on a panel (!) with the awesome James Brouwer, the artist on the award-winning 'The Deep', published by Gestalt, and written by the international goal-kicker writer, and gentleman, Tom Taylor. The Panel is entitled 'Domestic Drawing Dynamos!', on Saturday 10th at 4:20pm in the Supanova Seminar room. Very humbled, and excited.

(I'm also digging the idea of the David Yardin/Tristan Jones panels too. Sunday's one looks like a lot of fun.)

More updates on the Show as we get closer. In the meantime, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the supporters of 'The Soldier Legacy Comic Book' Facebook page- we cracked 1000 likes! A small reward when issue #5 is off to the printers at the end of this week.


agent_x said...

Good to see so many tables attributed to the Artist alley this year.
Just such a shame that the artists are broken up and separated around the venue again.
There is room to reshuffle and have all the artists actually IN artists alley.
Just move out the Star Wars fan club and shops selling trinkets to the main area, then move the actual creators to Artists Alley.

Paul Mason said...

I didn't mind, I really liked the layout- they were working under strained circumstances with renovations taking the main hall away. I'm being bias here- I was pleased to be opposite King's, and a guest for this show. Very thankful.