Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kirby Riff: Soldier legacy #5/ Our Fighting Forces #151

Not far away from completion of this issue, but it's really "back to the wall" week. This issue is, I'd be fine except I have a massive seminar/squad training/tournament fighting weekend I have to attend, the issue is due mid next week, and student assessments are coming in that has to be marked...*phew. Full on stuff.

In the meantime, a Kirby Riff in the "splash" panel for the backup feature for Soldier #5; when scrambling to thumbnail this page this morning, I kept coming back to this composition which reminded me of one of Kirby's DC Comic tenures: "Our Fighting Forces ft. The Losers" run from the mid 70's. The particular issue was actually his first one for the series, with the title "Kill me with Wagner". The back up feature might get a similar sub-title for the issue :P.


Anyways, still messing with the colours, it's 4am and I've run out of steam. Will have to re-evaluate with weekend (yes, will have to drag the work with me to get it done>)

Good news is too, I believe Soldier Legacy trades and issue 4 are getting reprints by Black House Comics for Brisbane Supanova (I've been out for a while, so that's a relief) and, prints are sent. More info for those who give a damn soon ;P

Peace :)

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