Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More on 'The New Adventures of the Human Fly #1' at SDCC


Some more 'Human Fly' stuff has hit the net, and I'm over the moon to have been mentioned for my contribution with writer Tony Babinski, in an article over at 'The Comics Beat', along with all the contributors:

FIRST LOOK: The Human Fly debuts at Comic-Con

Also, the book has hit and American online book distributor Barnes and Noble. Here's the Amazon link:

As I type this, I find myself sitting on the Amtrak train to San Diego with good writer buddy Christopher Sequeira (Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Soldier legacy's Strange Tales collaborator), with SDCC preview night a mere 7 hours away. This crazy month of Comics and kicking is about to get into full swing. Thanks again to the Diggers out there who recently made some purchases from, as you were a big help in covering a few niggling costs for the trip. My hectic schedule meant I wasn't able to post all the stuff out before I jumped on the plane Tuesday morning, but as a thank you for your patience and support, you'll get one of these for FREE:

Specially printed by Black House Comics for SDCC 2013. Featuring all my nonsense.
Cheers for the support, all. The battle continues!

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