Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newsflash!: The Human Fly returns! (Some Melb OZ Comic-Con stuff too).

Next Week in San Diego Comic-Con: International....The Human Fly returns!
Some more images have been leaked online, and I'm very pleased to be going over to see this release.

Oh, gotta run, but some stuff from last weekend's OCC:

 Whatcha podcast snap from last week's Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne:

And Sunday's "Monster" Australians in Comics panel:
L to Right: David Yardin, Jon Sommariva, Paul Abstruse, Ryan K Lindsay, The moron typing this, Tristan Jones, Nicola Scott, Doug Holgate, Ben Hutchings, Queenie Chan, Stewart McKenny, Dillon Naylor and Dean Rankine. An absolute pleasure to be with these people. Thank you OCC!

More stuff soon, stay tuned, Soldiers :D

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