Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sample of Taekwon-do World Championship pics- UK July/Aug 2013

The Team at the venue: Day 1 comp. I'm on the right somewhere.
Training nonsense
Senior Men's team. Shake 'n' Bake.
Team "Shrink" Debbie.
"Da Boyz".
Roommate and Veteran Competitor: Mr Burn, 6th Degree.

My Central Coast family. The juniors, Matt and Heather, began Taekwon-do at my school about 8ish years ago, and continued on at my best mate's school (Gary) when I left to study at QCA in '06. Very proud of them.
My "Big Brother" Gary.
The Australian team, Master Moore, support crew and coaches, early Day 2.
My stuff.
2nd Fight.

A tough fight; was humbled to hear from Master and several competitors it was the bestfight of the division, and an unlucky draw to get the eventual gold medalist so early, and off his Bye. 2 Judges awarded it to RED, 1 to BLUE and a Draw. Haven't lost a fight in years. It was tough,  the rules were different, but not as good on the day. It's been a big year. Regrouping begins.
The nice Hyper weight guy from Ireland who requested this photo "...of the bloke who knocked me out". 5 seconds into our team sparring match, he was asleep on the mat. Sorry mate. Was still a little agitated after the last loss.  Discovered later this gent got the Bronze medal in Hyper weights, so I felt a little better about the day overall. All the best, mate.
Coach, Veteran competitor and mate Scott Bower with "some" of his medals. Every Aussie came away with at least 1; and I believe we took 68 (?) overall. 
America's big Hyper-weight, Chad. Nice dude.
"Big Sister" Penny scores a small pile of veteran medals. World Champion :D
World Champion Power Breaker Gary King.
Vets Scott Bower, and close friend Andy Smith with Grandmaster Hwang, being presented with Overall winner's trophies for their age groups (Veterans).
Mr Bower, Mr King, with other close mate, Mr Nigel Paul. 
My Aunty Lin and Uncle Terry from Birmingham drop in to say hello.
Matty and his Medal.
Scotland competitors (with Australian team nurse Karen) The gent on the right was who I fought in the first round. Nice guy, albeit not too happy here :P
A smattering of photos from the Unified ITF Taekwon-do Open World Championships, held in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK in July/Aug. I recently attended it straight after San Diego Comic-con. A tonne more photos, but this is probably more than enough reminiscing on a great trip for now. 4 world championships, 5 teams...mixed emotions in general, but opportunities to continue in the future, and perhaps a coaching role on the Australia team too. Life is turbulent enough at the moment to think ahead. Will bury myself in the next challenges and see if the sun comes up tomorrow.

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