Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club Dinner #29 & Frew Booth Sydney

Just a quick one, it's 2:30 am and I have pages to draw and uni admin to deal with (so the usual). I really just wanted to give a huge thank you to a stream of people for the previous weekend. If I miss names, I apologise- I'm great with faces, not so good with learning so many names in such a short space of time, without much sleep. Rest assure, you're all fantastic. Thank you.

Thank you to all the attendees of the LFMBEC annual dinner, for putting up with my stammering thru the dinner speech (which clearly didn't have an exit plan by the end of it), and being so open and warm to me, my partner Amanda, my proud Mum and my cousin Barry (and thank you to them for coming along to show their support and love. Very grateful to share that with them). My brother-from-another-mother Matt, from Australian team TKD days, surprised me on the night and made me tear up; fantastic to see you too.

To the Frew crew, and fellow Phantom scribblers such as Antonio, Shane, Jamie, Jeremy, Jason, Christopher, Chewie, and my collaborator Andrew Constant, cheers for the laughs, and those who came to the dinner, support also. My bosses Glenn and Rene were fantastic all weekend, and I'm also thankful to them for having me along at the Frew booth this weekend, allowing me to support them, the Phantom products and Kid Phantom (and shout outs to Dudley, Frank and (spelling test!) Shia.

 To Cath Brinkley, I know you put a good word in for me with the organisers too, very kind, and those that decked the place out with Kid Phantom-themed napkins, coasters and table mats (Joy and Bradley Peach; and the Gifts! So, so kind. Cheers mate!).

To Richard Fry and Dr. Antonio Di Dio for inviting me to speak at the dinner, and being warm and gracious hosts, as well as Bronwyn and her lovely dinner guests on the Friday night, who travelled as far away as New Zealand, WA, Darwin, NSW; good people. Thank you for the chats and lovely to meet you. To the loyal phans of the Phantom who attended the Dinner on Saturday with your kind words of praise and acceptance of the book; was great chatting with you all, and meeting you briefly. I'm sure we'll talk more in the future as we go. Cheers to you ladies and gents, such as the long-supporting gents from Chronicle Chamber; Dan and Jermayn (thanks as always gents!), as well as Terry, Simon, Gary, Jon, Kezia, Lisa, Keith, Chris, Steve, Jules, and at the show, Phillip, Sean, Frank,, too many to mention. Everyone that I spoke to who visited the booth or I talked to at the dinner was fantastic. I'm going to assume it's the values instilled by the Phantom. Special mention too my my friends Tom Taylor, Queen Chan, and Dean Rankine who yelled at me hello as they walked by, apologies to Wolf Byslma and Ryan Griffen who I said I'd try to visit, but just couldn't with the time, and Ryan Lindsay and his boy Parker who came by for a Comic and sketch. Very cool of you all, and looking forward to catching up proper soon.

I'm going to cherish that weekend as long as I can remember, as I'm guessing in relation to anyone caring about what I scribble on my drawing board at 3am most days, it's the most positivity I've ever gotten for what I do, and odds are, perhaps the most I could ever hope for again.that 15 minute clock is ticking away fast, so all I can do is return to work and continue on.
Anyways, Thank you! Together with the sketches we raised quite a bit of money- I have no idea the final total, but a few of my sketches in the main auction went for $300-$400 each, so I'm touched, and I hope the Westmead Children's hospital appreciates your generosity as much as I do.

That's enough out of me, I gotta keep motoring. Cheers all!

P.s: Chronicle Chamber did a better job of documenting the Sketches at the Frew booth

 I should have paid more attention. Maybe check out Instagram for a couple of things too, such as:


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