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Birds, Podcasts and Articles in the Lead up to Melbourne Oz Comic-Con

Rather than 6 separate, obnoxious posts, here's one big one. I attempt to counter-act the douchebaggery with a picture of my office supervisors, Rosie, and Cheesel...

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Ok, didn't work. Never mind. Just an onslaught of various press-coverage to help my boss sell books, and allow me to keep paying the rent. Ans when I'm old(er) and grey, I can look back and go "What's a podcast?"


Click on a link if you're curious to listen or read, for all of your Kid Phantom-related behind-the-scenes, stuff etc. in the lead up to issue 2 dropping this weekend.


[Podcast] Game On Australia Episode 38 :

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"In the lead up to Melbourne Oz Comic-Con this weekend, I chat to Pete and Dan of Game On Australia (episode 38) about Frew Publications KID PHANTOM, by Andrew Constant and I. (My jibberish starts about 26 mins. in, after all the great gaming news). 
Special thanks to Pete, Dan, OCC and Blue Planet 
The podcast is also available on iTunes, and also on QANTAS and Jetstar domestic and international flights. So, if you're having trouble sleeping on your journey, I suggest listening to me for a moment. Problem solved ;D "

Article: Chronicle Chamber re: Kid Phantom creators at Melbourne OZ Comic-Con:

Thank you gents!


[Podcast] Chronicle Chamber X-Band: The Phantom Podcast (Episode 68): Recap of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Expoloers Club Dinner:

"Ep 68 of the X-Band Phantom podcast is up, with the Gents recording my waffle...err...Speech at the Lee Falk Memorial Dinner (LFMBEC) (about the 13:05 min mark). 
I must echo Terry's words of thanks again to Richard and Dr Di Dio's, and everyone involved in organising the annual charity event. 
But as a Frew team member, and a "phan" of the Phantom, I absolutely loved and empathised with Frew Publisher Dudley Hogarth's passionate 5min comments on the night that kick off from the 40:10 min mark. 
Cheers everyone, and Dan, Jermayn and Stephen's efforts in covering Phantom news around the world."

Article: The Iris/AU Review with David Hunter :

"Where I try, and somewhat fall, to *NOT* sound like a d***  
Anyways, Many thanks to David Hunter at The Iris @The AU Review for his hard work in conducting and transcribing this interview in the lead up to this weekend's Melbourne Oz Comic-Con, and launch of Frew Publications KID PHANTOM #2, with writer Andrew Constant and I."


Article: Brisbane Times:

Thank you Ruth for the article :)

Thanks again!

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