Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Page update: Soldier Legacy #4


So I figure I've been a little quiet lately, due to the fact that I have several comic projects all due at the same time in March/April, and the unfortunate thing about being a 'one man army corp' in regards to pencils, colours, lettering and assembly, it doesn't leave much time to waffle away endlessly on blogs and social media (though I do manage a little craziness at 3am :P).

So anyway, since one of the books, Soldier Legacy #4, litters my work area floor (17-18 pages of pencils so far), and since I've shown virtually nothing of it (I'd hate to leak spoilers after all), here's a totally out-of-context page from the next issue, that doesn't give too much away (unless you haven't read issue 3, in which case, you may be a little lost ;P)

Anyways, back to it. A post of some more, if not limited, intellectual substance sometime soon :)

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