Monday, January 30, 2012

OzComics: Yes, I'm messing around in my spare time.

This week's OzComic draw-off thing was 'The Sandman'. I rolled with the inspiration behind Neil Gaiman's successful series, the 1970's reboot of The Sandman by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Neil Gaiman (apart from being a big Simon and Kirby fan), said he based his version off the idea of a hero that dwells in people's dreams like the 70's story.

Keen eyes who are fans of Simon and Kirby would notice that the costume of their 70's version was very much similar to their 50's superhero 'The Stuntman'- apart from the obvious colour differences. So, I slimmed down the body structure, similar to a lot of the pre-60's Kirby hero structures.

This was originally a black & white image that accompanied a pitch for a writer late last year, so I did a quick re-colour and submission for the draw-off. I do quite a few commissions that never see the light of day, so sometimes I like to throw them up when the opportunity arises.

Well, back to it :) (Link to come)

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