Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chris Sequeira: ASA Comics Creator of the Month

One of my best mates and writer collaborator, Chris Sequeira, is the Australian Society of Authors "Comics Creator of the Month". Chris has worked on books for Marvel, DC, Boom!, Moonstone and also Black House Comics.

A fantastic guy, and someone who helped (and still helps) my slowly growing professional comic book career, he gave me an unexpected plug and very kind words regarding "The Soldier Legacy":

"What Australian titles would you recommend?
This is really hard to do, because I know a lot of folk working in the industry, and am also ‘stable-mates’ with a few at Black House, so, whatever I say will seem like an ‘in-crowd’ thing. Paul Mason’s The Soldier Legacy is kinetic and very cool (Paul’s become a fast friend these past few years but I actually judge his work separate to that and it’s bloody good too!)."

Thank you, Chris. I'm very touched.

Updates to come, I'm 8 pencil pages deep into Soldier #4- not a bad start to the New Year, and juggling between 5 other thing. More to show soon, and no Spoilers, I promise ;)

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