Thursday, January 5, 2012

Soldier Legacy Vol 1 TPB is a go :D

(Not final cover look- stay tuned for update)

Not sure if I've mentioned this, but penciled in to be released around the same time as issue 4 (April 2012... *sweats*), is the first collected edition of issues 1 to 3 of 'The Soldier Legacy', to be published by Black House Comics.

This Trade paper back edition will include a new cover image (seen here as a work in progress), concept art, pencil sequential pages, and a several page pencil preview of issue 4. (Also with remastered pages (ie: checking for typos and colour errors ;P))

Currently, issue 3 has been checked and is almost ready to rock 'n' roll for the TPB, 2 shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm thinking 1 will need some tweaking. Meanwhile, issue 4 is being penciled as we speak (sort of...I'm really typing ;P) and the next installment of The Soldier Legacy vs. Dr Nikola for Black House's 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #8" is due in a few weeks, so including the uni thesis/journal article work, the 3 secret things I'm doing too, there's a hell of a lot of juggling and post-it notes going on in my work area. Here's hoping some of this pulls off in the positive box for me this 2012 :D

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