Friday, January 13, 2012

More "Fix ups" for Soldier Legacy TPB

Below are pages from issue 1 of 'The Soldier Legacy', (that was originally released back in 2010, and reprinted by Black House Comics in 2011) which I'm flying back through, attempting to lighten the shadows for the TPB version to be released in April. Truthfully, when I first reopened all these original art files, I couldn't help but cringe- I guess I've tried to learn a lot with each passing issue, including where I felt I went wrong with the previous issue. The look between this issue, and issue 2 for instance, was in no small part due to not only trial and error, but through very useful feedback on penciling and colour considerations by Stewart McKenny, and W.Chew Chan.

So anyway, as I'm currently working on #4, I couldn't help but shake my head at the original pencilling methods I employed in this first comic. No doubt if I had the time today, I feel as though I could surely pencil and colour a far better version of this story. I guess considering Jack Kirby retold and re-penciled Captain America's origin a number of times in his career, perhaps one day I too will get the time and opportunity to revisit this.

Again, the pile of deadlines and obligations has prevented me from doing a complete overhaul of the original colours, but hopefully from the examples documented below, there is an obvious attempt on my part to try and rectify a few things that bugged me about the pages between the computer and the printed page. Come April when the book is printed, hopefully the issues in contrast and shadows would have been addressed enough to be happy with the final result.

Back to it ;D


Original Page 17 Issue 1.

Treated Page 17 Issue 1.

Original Page 6 Issue 1.

Treated Page 6 Issue 1.

Original Page 22 Issue 1.

Treated Page 22 Issue 1.

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