Monday, July 2, 2012

Heavy weights Doug Holgate and Bobby N. weigh in on the Oz Comic-Con weekend!

( I mean that title with the greatest of respect ;D)

Bobby N. snaps me in the crowd on Sunday. How he spotted me, I'll never know. 
(Photo copyright Bobby N.)

Before I get a chance to upload some pics and jibber-jabber of my own regarding the awesome Oz Comic-Con weekend in Melbourne, read the links and see all the fantastic photographs below from the perspective of 2 other official OCC guests: Australian Comic's Doug Holgate and Bobby N.

Doug's post:

and Bobby's:

Highlights of the weekend were catching up with these two, albeit brief. But that's always the gauge of a successful weekend- we're all too busy to stand around and chat.

Doug shows off his loot from the weekend, including the Soldier books, and an Old school Luke Cage print by me! "Sweet Christmas!" I got from Doug a fantastic 'Electric Mayhem' print, featuring my favorite characters from the Muppet Show: Floyd, Dr Teeth, and Animal! If only Sam the Eagle was in the band... ;P
(Photo copyright Doug Holgate.)

Enjoy, and stay tuned, Soldiers.

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