Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mentions on Pikitia Press- Australian and New Zealand Comics and Cartoonists

Matt Emery, cartoonist creator of  the hilarious 'The Guzumo Show' (shown online and published by Black House Comics), hosts a wonderful blog site called 'The Pikitia Press' which covers a massive range of current and past stories of Australian and New Zealand comic books and cartoonists from a wide range of genres and disciplines. Enthusiasts could easily spend hours trawling through the archives to see an awesome range of images, interviews and articles, and easily a quality hub of past comic mentions. In our scene, which is almost void of proper critical and academic coverage of Australian comic book history (apart from John Ryan's wonderful, but out of print "Panel by Panel", and Kevin Patrick's 'Comics Down Under' blog), Pikitia Press is a great addition.

Mr Emery to my surprise has been kind enough to mention me, and this blog linked once or twice:

UPDATED- Sept 9th, 2012: A little mention of a then recent blog post, plus links to the updated website:

Sydney Supanova Australian creators pics:

And a mention of this blog's recap of the Sydney event, complete with THAT wankery photo of me and 'The List' writer and good friend, Paul Bedford:

Matt must have snapped my mug during a happy conversation with a friend or fan, including a stack of Australian creators, and good friends :

Also, a brief mention of my OZ Comic-Con recap here, complete with a photo of me with the fantastic Doug Holgate

Thank you for the mentions, Mr Emery!

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