Monday, December 10, 2012

BLACK BOOX IS BACK! Buy 'The Soldier Legacy' online!

With the launch of Black House comic's first prose novel, 'Quiver' by Jason Fischer, Black House comics has revamped the website, and revived Black Boox: your one-stop online shop for customers and retailers to be able to purchase the full range of Black House's Comics, Books and Graphic Novels.

'Quiver', the post-apocalyptic thriller :

Currently, you can purchase issues 1-4 of 'The Soldier Legacy' and the Soldier Legacy collected edition (trade paperback with revamp issues 1-3). 'Soldier Legacy' #5 should be available soon.
You'll also find Chris Sequeira's Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Jason Frank's McBlack, Jason Paulos's EEEK!, Jan Sherpenhuizen's Twilight Age and many more Australian works.

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