Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who is killing the great heroes of Heropa?: the upcoming novel by Andrez Bergen

A few months back, I completed this image for an upcoming novel by Australian writer Andrez Bergen (Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat), currently residing in Japan. The brief was Andrez's childhood  concept of 'the Southern Cross', in a Jack Kirby-style homage to the cover of Captain America #109. Andrez actually sent off his design to Stan Lee, who really liked the idea, but was vetoed by then Editor in Chief, Tom DeFalco. A nice little story there in itself :)

More details can be found here:
And on their Facebook page:

UPDATE 29-12-2012: Some web love from BLEEDING COOL NEWS and FORCES OF GEEK, featuring the image :D Thanks again, Andrez.

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