Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! 2013 so far.

Happy New Year, Soldiers!

I wish you all the very best for 2013!

Recent Ghost Rider commission: colouring warm-up for today.

And, thank you for marching with me and 'The Soldier' in 2012. Big thank yous to Black House Comics, Baden Kirgan, Chris Sequeira, Supanova Expo, OZ Comic-Con, Whatcha podcasts, Geek Speak TV and podcasts, Kaboom Comics, All Star Comics, Kapow! Comic book review show, Sarah, family, friends, fellow guests and your readers and print lovers on the promo front and all the folks that were a part of a great SDCC visit earlier this year. Your feedback and support was immensely appreciated.

For those interested, here's some stuff that's locked in so far for this year, with more info soon.

Previous recent posts have mentioned these, use the tags or archives if you're keen.

+ Jan 15th: State Library of Queensland- Comics Workshop: 12-16 yos

+ Jan 17th: Channel 44 Briz31 Digital TV (and live stream web) appearance on the Late Nite Show with Scott Black

+ Jan 18th: State Library of Queensland- Comics Workshop: 9-12 yos

+ March 9th-10th: OZ Comic-Con guest- Perth, WA

+ March 16th-17th: OZ Comic-Con guest: Adelaide, SA

+ May 4th: Free Comic Book Day guest at 'Gifts for the Geek': Geelong, VIC

+ July 6th-7th: OZ Comic-Con guest: Melbourne, VIC

Keep you posted if I hear anything else, and thank you for your kind support.

Oh, and here's a link of this thing on my virtually ignored Deviant Art (Still don't "get" that site...)

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