Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something minor for an upcoming issue of something

Coloured image of a sketch gift for Black House Comics publisher Baden Kirgan earlier in 2012. Features the two characters I have had the pleasure drawing for Black House- My 1940's 'Soldier' character from 'The Soldier Legacy, and the occultist anti-hero Dr. Nikola, from Chris Sequeira's 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes' series.

The character first appeared in 'DD:SH' issue 4, in a story written by Chirs Sequeira, and drawn by series illustrator Phil Cornell. My first published work for Black House was a Nikola pin-up in issue 6 back in 2010, and when 'Soldier Legacy' was picked up by the publisher in mid 2011, Chris pitched an idea for a back up story in 'DD:SH', featuring Dr. Nikola, in a "Marvel team-up" style story with an 1880's version of my Soldier character. Loads of fun, with the last part of that story due out soon, and talks of a one-shot in the very near future. Details soon. Could be something new for Oz Comic-Con Perth and Adelaide...

Dr. Nikola is a Victorian-era character created in the late 1890's by Australian pulp novelist Guy Boothby.

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