Monday, January 21, 2013

Sneak peek: The one-shot title

If you're a regular reader of my Soldier Legacy related blog, I sincerely apologise ;P

If you're still here, you may have read recent posts related to the Chris Sequeira/Paul Mason collaboration one-shot issue, which will feature the full 'Dr. Nikola vs The Victorian era Soldier Legacy' story featuring in the back of that last 2 and upcoming Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes comic books from Black House. The one-shot will also feature the debut teaser story of 'Lazarus "Larry" Burne' and his Maleficent Seven (think "Dirty Harry" of Exorcists and you're halfway there ;P). These stories are both slightly "left of field" for me and the continuity being laid out in the regular 'Soldier Legacy' series, but they were fun to do, and I wondered if there was future potential to be able to play with the character/characters outside of the stories set in WW2. Here's a look at the title:

From the thesis point of view, it was fun to experiment in the true "Marvel Method" collaboration. We drilled these plots out over a number of sessions before we had something fun, I would sweat over the image chores, and in the process of finishing up the last chapter for Mr Sequeira to script in the dialogue to my pics. I can read about it in books, or I can have a crack myself with a writer. It was very cool. This was also a nod to Lee and Kirby's Strange tales, with the "first" appearance of Captain America in the "modern" 1960's Marvel (ok, so the Human Torch battles a robot; but it was the litmus test for the Official appearance in 'Avengers #4 - Comic nerd Paul), and the 1949 'Captain America's Weird Tales. I did originally plan on perhaps "Weird Tales", or 'Strange Stories", but 'Strange Tales' had a nice ring to it, (and cheers for the input, John Retallick ;D)
Anyways, I'm fading fast from a full day's work and no meal, so I hope you'll dig what we're throwing at interested readers in March.
And, as always, if you're here reading this, and you give a damn, I thank you.
We soldier on.

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