Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Diary: SLQ, Late Nite Show 2013, Other asleep yet?

Random bits and pieces this week, bear with me :)
WIP pencil panel from the upcoming Part 3 of the Doctor Nikola back up feature in 'Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #9, and the upcoming 'Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales'
  • Wrapped up my Comics workshops at the State Library of Queensland last week. It was part of their Annual Cartoons, Animation and Manga workshop series, and I was very proud to have been aboard. The 2 groups (12-16 year olds and 9-12 year olds) gave great feedback over the experience, and I see there were quite a few faces blown away by some of the comic page examples I talked about. Plenty of Jack Kirby appreciation from the new generation of budding storytellers ;D
Tim McEwen's Brisbane Supanova reading pile. Photo copyright 2013 Tim McEwen.
  • Australian comics creator and co-founder of 'Supanova Pop Culture Expo' Tim McEwen posted a photo blog of the November Supanova convention in Brisbane (2012), which features some cool comics-related highlights of his show, including my boof head, apparently giving the "Oh-No- You -Did-nt" finger to the audience during the "Domestic Drawing Dynamos" panel James "The Deep" Brouwer and I spoke at (with my main man 'Q-Dog' conducting). Great memories and loads of fun. Check out the many faces of Howard Chaykin during a fantastic MasterClass given on the Friday night, and the local comics haul Tim managed to score, including the latest Soldier in the top right.
  • A Title and Cover mock up seems to have been given the seal of approval for the new issue release from me, and Writer collaborator Christopher Sequeira, entitled "The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales"- featuring The Diabolical Doctor Nikola. This will be a 20 page story, plus a extra story in the back discussed earlier- the "Dirty Harry of Exorcists : Lazarus "Larry" Burne. I'm very much looking forward to bringing this out at Oz Comic-Con Perth and Adelaide in March. I'm told the webmaster will be back soon to retinker with an updated bio, but in the meantime: . More news soon for reader who give a damn, I might be catching you Melbourians earlier than first thought ;)
Late Nite Host Scott Black, new "sick kick" Amanda Bacchi, and Bozo the Clown.
Photo copyright 2013, 31 Digital.
"The Action film you didn't want...". Photo copyright 2013, 31 Digital
Or, you can jump straight to the terrible bits with me in it below ;P

In among the nonsense, I got a chance to name check good mate and frequent collaborator Christopher Sequeira, good mate and Australia comic illustrator Paul Abstruse, the good guys at 'Gifts for the Geek' in Geelong, Vic, and the wonderful Oz Comic-Con.
Thank you again to Scott Black for asking me back- I have heaps of fun being on the show, and getting to hang out a little with the Kris and the crew, Little James etc. It was lovely to meet Alana and sad to see she won't be a regular on the show this year, but alternatively, my friend Amanda Bacchi will be filling in as the new Late Nite Show companion. Congratulations all, and all the best for the new season!

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