Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lazarus Burne, Best of show, & Bits and Pieces from the Week

  • Tonight at 9:30pm Queensland (or 10:30pm daylight savings time), the Late Nite show have kindly including my interview from November in their 'Best of' episode. Watch online by going to and click on the WATCH LIVE banner. "Get to da Choppaarh!"
  • Still have a handful of 'Soldier Legacy' packs left on the Big cartel store- I have to thank those that are getting on-board with this little offer of mine, and I hope the new readers enjoy the series. All orders, including print orders, have been sent out. Keep an eye on the mail box.
  • Colouring *finally* complete on the back up story in the upcoming untitled 'Dr.Nikola/Soldier Legacy' one-shot. The story seems to now have a title, thanks to writer and co-plotter Chris Sequeira 'Lazarus Burne's Maleficent Seven'. Awesome :D Think: "The 'Dirty Harry' of Exorcists" and you'll get the idea.

That's it from me. Swamped with work to do, no richer or well off for it, just a misplaced hope that you readers will like this nonsense when I emerge, and not the usual social media silence I'm slowly getting use to. Just goes to show the lovely audience for the Soldier books are a very "face to face" or traditional brick and mortar comic shop type. I dig that :)
Also hoping the long-battling uni thesis actually takes some sort of shape- Frankenstein's monster of sorts, but a shape nevertheless.  Frantically putting together the slides for next week's SLQ comics workshops, and of course stressing about things that are out of my hands, including the suspected injured foot which is preventing my training for the World titles. 

Well, that and the computer/drawing board tag team of course. It would be weird to jog after work at 3am, right? :P Wouldn't even consider the notion. 

Anyways, back to the lonely coal mine.

p.s: Oh, hey! Congratulations to Tristan Jones, Greg Mclean, Gestalt, DiezelPunk and the whole team for 'Sebastian Hawks' getting to their crowd funding goal. All the best :D I believe you still have a day to place orders

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