Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some Soldier Legacy Pack head sketches

Some free requested head scribbles as part of the current sale of the "Paul Mason" online shop front- clearing out the last sets of 'The Soldier Legacy' issues to help raise funds for my World Titles trip to Korea later in the year. I have to get new sparring gear, plan squad trips etc. and the problem with my sport is, to represent Australia once selected, we have to pay for the lot. Easier to fund raise if part of a big club contingent, a little harder when you're the virtual nomad I happen to be. So, as they say, every little bit counts, folks :D

(If you're a company and you're reading this, sponsor me, and I'll be a human billboard for you ;P)

If you feel like chipping in, suss it out here: Head sketches in front of the TV have been a fun time-out away from the deadlines- and nice to see People actually  requesting my Aussie character over the anything else- kind of neat :)

Take care, folks :D

Oh! Was just watching a 'Best of' The Late Nite Show on Channel 44 (Briz31 Digital) and seems my November interview is to be part of the Repeat madness next week (10th Jan). Thanks, Mr. Black! That's all sorts of cool. Thank you to everyone here who watched the video- those Youtube views inadvertently cemented the "watch this idiot again" status ;D
If you're not in Brisbane to watch at 9:30pm next week (10:30 EDST), you can watch it live stream via the magic of the internet here:
Thanks again, Soldiers!

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